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Our Story

Founder's Story: Where it all started

Scrumpies of Mayfair was founded by British husband and wife team Vicki and Ian who both retired early from successful careers as international corporate lawyers to fulfil their long held ambition of bringing alive the Scrumpies’ dream. Their vision for Scrumpies of Mayfair was to turn an everyday essential into a thing of beauty. Scrumpies’ knickers are intended to be miniature works of art – as beautiful and collectable as fine jewelry.

The Scrumpies’ design team wanted to design knickers of the finest quality to be worn and enjoyed by all types of women and which make the wearer look and feel as beautiful as the knickers themselves. Scrumpies’ knickers represent individuality in spirit and quality in reality. Each and every aspect of our knickers is carefully considered and chosen. Designed in London, each Scrumpies of Mayfair knicker takes its name from the verb to “scrump” or to steal apples from the orchard – a uniquely British piece of mischief. In a complicated world the Scrumpies’ dream brings a little gentle naughtiness and fun to the everyday.

Not for Scrumpies of Mayfair the empty female names of traditional knicker art – the “Vanessa thong”, the “Erin short”. Every Scrumpies’ knicker is named after a specific apple and takes that apple as its essential identity. Nor for Scrumpies of Mayfair the traditional fabrics of the typical knicker. Our design team have raided the mills, souks and haberdashers of the world to create each knicker to be as unique as the woman who wears it.